Color Preview

Hey Everyone!

To Introduce my new Brand EscalateD Rigged Mesh Hair, I decided to make a Colorpreview like a wearable Demo, so you get an idea about the Mix and Match options for all new Haircolors.


This is a LowPrice Color Preview, all ColorHUDs included just like the ‘all Color’ packs – So you can try out all colors and all Mix and Match options – in total u have over 4000 different ways to color your Hair – just combine different HUDs – example: BWs Base + Red Streaks and click the color you like, note: the Ombre Colors comes in 4 HUDs Base, Streaks and the same in Mirrored Version – If you dont like Streaks and want a solid hair color instead you just have to click the same color on both of the HUDs.

You can buy this Colorpreview HEREL$50 or you can Join the [.EscalateD.] Inworld group to get this for FREE – just Join this Group and check the Groupnotices! Aaaaaand you should stay in this Group because of the regularly Groupgifts – so Join while its Free!

EnJOY! ღ


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