>.EscalateD. Groupie Room

^^ yeah thats right – have a look at the GroupGiftRoom


The Room in the corner of the shop is just for the Groupmembers – just make sure that you activate your .EscalateD. Grouptag to get all of this stuff – also for the Luckyboards – if yours Name starts with the Letter shown on the board you will have to activate the Grouptag to receive the Colorpack (randomly)

You can join the Group by just copy/paste secondlife:///app/group/52b697b7-a49f-68df-a5a0-0e33fd6aa0c6/about into your local chat and it turns to the .EscalateD. groupjoin link – or you can simply click the groupjoiner Inworld! SignUp fee is set to 50L$! no refunds! If you leave you’ll have to pay again!

Taxi: .EscalateD. Mainstore

Have FUN ღ


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