The new .EscalateD. Hairstore opens soon, so lets have a look at the new Colorpacks
that will be released along with other great news and big changes… the Store as it is right now will be gone and it will take all the Hairs with it, Marketplace and Inworld – It all will change to a new Store with lots of news:

Part 1: Colorpacks


as you can see, there will be 7 Colorpacks that have 30 different Colors (15 Solid / 15 Dipped) and you will get 2 of the HUDs in 1 First you can pick a Basecolor and on the Second you can pick a Streakcolor – same goes for the 3 Packs that have 20 colors, you will also be able to pick a Basecolor and a Streakcolor – Or just click the same color on both to have a solid Haircolor (Base- and Streakcolor the same) and of course the Fatpack which contains all of the HUDs – as soon as the new Store is open / or I have set a opening date – I will update the Support and ColorpackInfo pages on this Blog – so you can have a look at the HUDs etc. – I will also provide a Colorpreview like a wearable Colordemo -> a Free Fatpack so you can try all Colors and Combos – oh and you can also Mix and Match different packs like Basecolor out of Colorpack A and Streakcolor out of Colorpack B.

Hope you like the new Colors ❤

More sneak peeks coming soon! Stay Tuned!


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