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with the new opening I offer different colorpacks and they come with a 2 option HUD from where you can pick a base color and either the same or onther color for the streaks so you can wear the Hair in just one color by picking on both the same color or a Hair with kind of like highlights if you choose for example a dark red as base and a lighter red as streaks – and you can combine different colorpacks too by picking a basecolor from the monochrom pack and picking a streakcolor from the inferno pack – to go more into detail have a look at https://escalatedblog.wordpress.com/colorpacks-huds-english/ there are pictures on how the HUDs look like and a list how many colors in which packs are and what they cost.

Joeline >> the Colortester is open for all and its a whole Fatpack for free!!!!!
(find it under the Deers and also in groupnotices, you can buy it for 0L$ on Marketplace also: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EscalateD-Joeline-FreeColortester/10916100)

Check the Tablets at the Counter in the Inworld Mainstore: you can now

Store Credit: – check your current StoreCredit (Paying this Tablet will top up your credit – If you dont have enough to use it to get a colorpack of your choice)

Redelivery: – you can of course redeliver products or gifts you purchased Inworld or on Marketplace (just open the Link and click the product you want to be redelivered –  Gifts will be sendt to the Gift Recipient

Gift Cards: – purchase Gift Cards – just click this Tablet and follow the Instructions carefully Note: you can choose from a List of Card Denominations or you can enter your own value – Cards are transferable but no copy – means you can load your card with the L$ value you want and then give this Card away to make someone a gift.

Redeem: – use your giftcard to change it to storecredit you can use for shopping at the inworld Mainstore – just wear the Giftcard and click this tablet – it will automatically notice your giftcard and you can now click ‘redeem’ Happy Shopping!

If you need more Infos or Help or just want to go more into detail have a look at https://escalatedblog.wordpress.com/support-infos-english/

Those Support sites are also available in German – just click the (DE) Links on the top panel!


<< GROUP ONLY >>  current fee to Join the Group is 150L$
– No refunds! If you leave you’ll have to pay again! –

Big news for Groupmembers – wear your Grouptag while shopping at the Inworld Mainstore and you will receive 5% Storecredit with each purchase you make!

➤ Groupgift: 250L$ StoreCredit (wear your grouptag and click the poster at the Mainstore)
( 🙂 ya you got it right 150L to join and get 250L in return – having still 100L plus)
➤ Midnight Mania: Kim – Inferno (Target: 150)
➤ 4 Lucky Boards: (20 minutes)

Join: secondlife:///app/group/52b697b7-a49f-68df-a5a0-0e33fd6aa0c6/about
Copy/Paste this link into your local chat and it will gives you the clickable link to Join
(NOTE: There will be costs to Join this Group – pls always check the current fee!)


<< DEMOS >>

Always try the Demos first, since you cant resize or adjust rigged mesh – Pls note: Hairstyles with strands in the front have different sizes included – test the provided demos to see what you will exactly get! No Transfer means No Refundable!



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Taxi to Mainstore: CLICK HERE

Thank you all for your support!

EnJOY your DaY!

KissesD ❤💋


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