Rotten Egg Hunt

Note down April 14-17 for one of the funniest, craziest and coolest Easter-Hunts ever!
Over 30 Designers have come together so there will be a bunch of eggs to find – at least one per Designer!

This Hunt is located on the Lanisha Sim.  (see LMs below)

There will be four locations to start at, Main stores on the sim will be the landing points. The eggs will be laid out on the sim in random places, some may even be inside the stores so make sure you look all over.

Each egg will be 1-5L

and this is what you will look for – a Purple Egg with Green Goo on it –

and here are the Taxis:   Landing 1   –   Landing 2   –   Landing 3   –   Landing 4

.EscalateD. joined with 3 Eggs (1L each) – *throws a Sneakpeek of the Prizes*
This and many many more is waiting for you! So hop over and join us!

We cant wait to see you all there. Make sure to tell your friends ❤



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