.EscalateD. @ Hair Fair 2017

Hello Everyone, the Hair Fair will start soon – July 1st to July 16th – so lets have a quick look at the 4 new Hairstyles .EscalateD. is going to release on the Hair Fair.

soon.at.HairFairFrom feft to right we have:

– Lauren – which is a unrigged Updo style – which is resize/stretchable via script to make it fit perfectly.

– Jaina – a long rigged, ponytailed Hairstyle with cute bangs – rigged mesh cant be adjusted or resized!

– Lizzy – which is unrigged so again resize/stretchable via script and it comes with a colorhud to change the colors of the cupcake-cups (left&right)

– Kara – a long rigged, slightly wavy style with a pulled back half ponytail going into a braided bun.

PLS Join the Hair Fair DEMO Group: Demos will be sent out on 30th June, so you can try all demos before the Hair Fair open its doors, this will help to avoid Lag! Thank you!

– Always try Demos to be 100% sure it fits your Avatar and looks like the way you want!

See you on the Hair Fair!


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