What’s new?!

I rebuilt the Store a little bit, so I can remove some more walls to open another Room for Hair 🙂 and since Im in the mood of changes, I wanted to give you a quick overview of whats going on. I created some Gift Cards – pls note that the Storecredit can only be used at the Inworld Mainstore! On the left from the desk you can find 2 redelivery terminals, they keep track of the Marketplace-purchases too, so you can either redeliver purchases from Mainstore or from the Marketplace – note: Gifts will be sendt to the gift recipient.


Hunt & Eventinfos will stay in that place for now – always check back on that to see whats ongoing or upcoming with previews, links, notecards, groupjoiner and/or subscriber – maybe even Hint-giver 🙂


Again: Gift Cards can only be used at the Mainstore! – If you click a card on that Vendor you will be asked if you want to buy a gift card – by clicking ‘yes’ you will receive an empty gift card – you must wear this card (add) then you can right click pay that card on the vendor – Note: If you clicked and got the 500L$ card you only can pay the 500L$ card on the vendor – each value is restricted to the price as shown – anyways the pay-option wont be available until you wear the correct card – watch the local chat – if you paid the vendor in-time, you have sucessfully serialized and activated the gift card – you can now detach the card and transfer to someone to make a gift – If you got a Giftcard and want to redeem that card into Storecredit just wear (add) the giftcard and click on the Redeem Giftcard Terminal (tablet) Blue PopUp Menu asks if you really want to redeem that Card, after clicking yes your card is redeemed and you can now enjoy your Storecredit!

You can check your Storecreditbalance by click on the terminal right next to the redeem-tablet – also you can top off you credit by right-click-pay that terminal (e.g. you have 220L$ in credit and you want to buy a colorpack that costs 240L$ – right-click and pay 20L$ so your new balance will be 240L$ and you can now click the button ‘use Credite’ on the colorpack of your choice!



Midnight Mania and Luckyboards on the right side are group only – left side no group needed. Also several Gifts such as SLFO, HairSL, FabFree and the wearable Color-tester. (Pls note that you have to Join the Free SLFO, HairSL or FabFree Groups in order to get those Gifts as they are restricted to those Groups!)

Group Only > current groupgift, past groupgifts, Midnight Mania with Fatpack and two Luckyboards – NOTE: GroupGifts are Exclusives and/or Fatpacks and wont be sold outside the Group! > 150L one time joining fee < no refunds, if you leave you’ll have to pay again! – no discussion!

And here comes the Limo to the > MAINSTORE <

I really hope you like and enjoy it!




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