Month: May 2018

HairSL, SLF&O, FabFree Gifts

There are new Gifts for the members of FabFree, HairSL and SLF&O, come over to the MAINSTORE locate those Posters near the Desk, wear the right Grouptag and click to get the Gift, Hairstyles shown on Poster in Special Mini HUDs!                 





Join the [.EscalateD.] Group / Groupcost to join 250L / earn 5% Storecredit on each purchase / get Exclusive Gifts / get Group Only Promocodes and Discounts / be up to date with everything! – Get escalated in our new Groupieroom

.EscalateD. Groupyroom

copy/paste this link: secondlife:///app/group/52b697b7-a49f-68df-a5a0-0e33fd6aa0c6/about into your local chat and click the give link to Join the Group – 250L Groupfee – If you leave you will have to pay again.

Transaction and Credits


just in case you need to redeliver something from before may 19th, all transcation data from e2v is imported to the new vendorsystem from MD – you can find the redelivery terminal at the Mainstore – Also the Storecredit data is imported to the new System as well, to check you credit go to the Mainstore and click on a colorpack, choose the view balance button, your credit balance will be shown in inworld chat, to use your credit simply choose buy and then hit storecredit.

enjoy and happy shopping

Important Info

Please Note that the makeover styles with the new Textures and mod permissions are ONLY available at the Inworld Mainstore right now since im updating the Marketplace during the next few weeks! On Marketplace you can only get the older styles at this moment. Thats a really time consuming process so please understand that if you are looking for the makeover styles you have to shop at the Inworld Mainstore!


.EscalateD. MP Info