* Hair SL’s Black Friday Sale *


Yes, you heard it right… 60% Discount on pretty much the whole Inworld Mainstore!
(except: Giftcards, Prereleases, Eventexclusives) All Hairstyles on Sale have a Snowflake Tag framed with a silver line at the bottom. There are some Important Instructions on how you can shop the Sale at the .EscalateD. Mainstore – you will have 2 options to choose from but no matter which one you take – make sure that the Hair SL Grouptag is activated! If you shop the Sale without the HairSL Grouptag activated you will NOT receive discounts / get refunds – .EscalateD. wont take responsibility for any purchases made by mistake. So doublecheck your grouptag! With that being said, here are the options:

Option 1
~ Leftclick the Colorpackage that you want to buy and you will get a blue popup-menu, it confirms that it is discounted 60% to group members only – by clicking the button [Buy] you will get another popup confirming the discounted price and a 45 second reservation, simply Leftclick the Colorpackage again and purchase only the discounted price.

Option 2 ~ Simply Rightclick and pay the Colorpackage that you want – NOTE: with this Option you will pay the full price – the difference will be refunded (only with your correct Grouptag!) e.g. you bought a 275L$ Colorpack ~ you will get a 165L$ refund (discount of 60%) along with a confirmation in local chat.


There are of course other Hairstores taking part in HairSL’s Black Friday Sale – check HairSL’s Website for more infos – you can also buy a Free TP HUD from one of the Vendors at the Mainstore (wear and allow HUD to TP) – Please note that other Stores may have different amounts of discounts and also other instructions to get them, the above stated instructions apply exclusively to .EscalateD. Mainstore. Please pay attention to their instructions as everyone may have different Vendorsystems!

Happy Shopping!


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