Naughty vs. Nice by SLS

The Naughty vs. Nice Event has officially started and will run through till Saturday January 5th. This Event takes place all over grid in actual stores, not an event area. All Windows are fully packed with Winter/Holiday Naughty & Nice themed items, so dont waste a minute, get your bag and visit participating stores to play a Window for prizes!


.EscalateD.s window has 20 prizes so you can play 20 times and get them all guaranteed. NO prize repeats/duplicates. Each prize is won only one time and will have no trans permissions. If you played/bought all the items in the window, and have the VIP kit, it will give you the grand prize with your final play – Note: this may take a second or two – DO NOT pay the window again – windows dont give refunds!!! – You do NOT get the grand prize with the free kit!


To get your kit, you may go to our HQ in world, or buy one off the marketplace.

If you have any issues and need a redelivery, we have a terminal at SLS HQ

**IMPORTANT – If you get a new kit after you have already used one, and played on any windows with it, you will lose all of your progress and have to start over, so be mindful of that.**

**For instructions and screenshots, check out the Naughty vs Nice article.**

Happy Holidays!

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