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Thank you for your interest in blogging for .EscalateD.

Visit the Mainstore and click the Blogotex Access Point right on the counter to apply

.EscalateD. was revamped in February 2020 and is now basically a fatpack only store but with Universal options – each ColorHUD works with every Hairstyle, so people won’t have to buy the same color packs for every Hairstyle over and over again – to learn more about this concept visit

Mandatory Rules & Requirements for Bloggers:

the un/natural universal HUDs are included in every Hairstyle but people can purchase other Universal color HUDs to expand their color chart, therefor, each post must:

➜ clearly state which style your using – (copy name)
➜ include the HUDs Name you used to color the Hair – (copy name)
➜ include a Landmark – Mainstore or Event (see event dates in incl. notecards)

➜ If you post accessories – include the name/version you are using

Not every Hair will fit, I’m aware of this, but if the Hair is unrigged Mesh, it will ALWAYS include a script that allows you to resize or stretch the Hair along the Axis and/or position it via the arrows while in edit mode + most mesh heads can hide their scalp, so there is a pretty good chance that you CAN make it fit perfectly, show your attention to details!

Limits and Deadlines

SYSTEM DEADLINE SETTINGS: auto deadline is turned off

.EscalateD. has no general deadlines set. Which means they can be relying purely on product-based deadlines or no deadlines at all.

since I don’t want someone to be stressed out, your only deadline is the deadline set for the product you grab – so for regular / store releases you have to blog the product within the next 15 days, counting from the day you grabbed it – if its an event/hunt release the deadline will be from the date I load it into blogotex till the event/hunt ends – so make sure to check the notices as this can be something like you grab it but you only have 3 days left (depends on when you grab it)

For the start I will go with those settings – if I ever change them I will post it here and on Blogotex – also we have a live chat there too – All Blogger can join .EscalateD.’s Discord (link below) and poke me for a bloggerrole so you have access to the blogotex info channel and share your posts with the group.

If you have any questions feel free to IM me inworld, even if I’m offline – your IM will go to my email and I can answer them from there 💋

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