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Thank you for your interest in blogging for .EscalateD.

First of all and most important – .EscalateD. wont use Blogotex any longer – please dont apply or ask me if you dont want to join me on Discord! All Bloggerinfos and Post ping backs will be shared on Discord. Only Blogger with Blogger roles on .EscalateD.’s Discord server- – will have access to Bloggerpacks! No exceptions!

All requirements and rules are listed down below on this Site as well as on the application form – so please take your time to fully read and understand everything before you admit to apply. Pls note that you will receive only 1 warning when missing requirements. Further non-compliance will result in dismissal from Bloggerteam.

> Pls keep in mind that applying does not guarantee that you will be accepted. If I feel you are the right fit for me and my Store I’ll contact you on Discord. Applications that are filled out incorrectly will be ignored. Applicants without Discord Account will not be considered!

For any question pls feel free to contact me on Discord 🙂

Mandatory Rules & Requirements for Bloggers:

* You must Join .EscalateD. on Discord: and have been approved for a Bloggerrole to be registered on the mailing system and have access to bloggerchannels.

* You must have an active Blog and Flickr account. Other social media is optional.

* You must have been blogging for at least 6 months

* Please use the Social Media links below to share / tag me on your photos

* Mailing system with self-responsibility. If you are accepted as Blogger for .EscalateD. your name will be registered on my Mailing system. Everytime I hand out a Bloggerpack, the system tries to send it out to everyone on that List. If you are offline you will get an Off IM like: ‘there is a Bloggerbox waiting for you, please log in to SL to receive it’ and the system will put you on the waitlist. The system will then try to resend it every 5 minutes to everyone on that waitlist. So if you log in and dont get it right away just wait for at least 5 minutes (better a bit more due to SL lag)! After you received it you will get another message like: you have been giving bloggerbox ‘name’… – Whenever I hand out Bloggerpacks through the system, I’ll write a message on .EscalateD.’s Discord channel Blogger-room (you will only have access to this channel if you have a Blogger role) so you can double check and make sure – the system works pretty accurate, but still, there could be the case where you havent received a box due to SL problems – if this is the case message me on Discord and i will resend the box. (I also can see who is still on the waitlist so i can check this back too)

* Since you get every bloggerbox – you are required to blog at least 4 post per month – you may blog more – but the minimum is 4 – You will have to ping back your links via Discord to show your activity (to do this post your links in the ‘blogger-post-channel’ or right click my name and choose message to send me private IM on Discord) – otherwise I wont notice your posts and I would feel bad if I eject you from the Team for not blogging when you really were. You will receive only 1 warning when missing requirements. Further non-compliance will result in dismissal from Bloggerteam.

* All blog postings must be credited and needs to be clearly state which Hair and Color from .EscalateD. you are wearing and info about it if its a Gift or a Huntprize or an Event-exclusive – LM to Mainstore etc. (Those Infos would be included in the Notecards I’ll add to the Bloggerpack along with the Head’s up info posted on Discord)

* The posts must be of quality work. Not every Hair will fit, I’m aware of this of course, but if the Hair is unrigged Mesh, which will ALWAYS include a script that allows you to resize or stretch the Hair along the Axis and/or position it via the arrows while in edit mode, there is a pretty good chance that you CAN make it fit perfectly, show your attention to details!

* If you can’t blog for any reason, just let me know on Discord (right click my name and choose message to send me private IM). If you don’t and several releases have gone by without being blogged I will assume that you are no longer blogging for me and eject you from the Bloggerteam.

* If there are no new releases (I do have a RL too and from time to time I wont be able to create new Styles for a Week or so) ask me for an older item, I love seeing older items being blogged. – send your request on Discord in private chat (to do this right click my name on discord and choose ‘message’) – Pls note that you are required to blog the item within one week when requesting a product!

* If you feel that my store is no longer fitting your style please just let me know in private chat on Discord, I will accept it with no hard feelings and remove you so I can add someone who enjoys my products.

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