Colorpacks (En)

MULTIHUDS V1 Base/Streak – V2 Duocolored

use the V1 – Hair to color your Hair the Base and Streak way
top color section colors the Base Hair
bottom color section colors the Streaks (alpha parts)

use the V2 – Hair to color your Hair in Right and Left part (Duo)
top section colors the Right side of the Hair
bottom color section colors the Left side of the Hair

If you want to wear of Hair in just one color you will have to click the
same color on both sections no matter which version your wearing
also check this Video for more details


There are 9 different Colorpacks plus 1 Bonuspack that is only included in Fatpacks

Monotones > 40 colors / Greyscales / DarkColors+Glitter / Dipped / White Roots
Reds > 40 colors / Redscales / Redscales with Roots / Dipped / White Roots
Browns > 40 colors / Brownscales / Brownscales with Roots / Dipped / White Roots
Blondes > 40 colors / Blondescales / Blondescales with Roots / Dipped / White Roots
Essentials > 40 colors /  Bl.Br.Mono.Red Mix / Bl.Br.Mono.Red Roots
Colors > 40 colors / Colorscales / Black with Colortips / Black Roots / White Roots
Neons > 40 colors / Neonscales / Black Roots / Dipped / White Roots
Pastels > 40 colors / Pastelscales / Dipped / Faded pastelombre / White Roots
Rainbows > 40 colors / White tips / Colorombre / Neonombre / Pastelombre /+glitter

All Inc.Pack plus Bonuspack 400 Colors / in 10 Huds


Multi huds (V1/V2) > 800L$ / 250L$
Regular huds > 400L$ / 125L$

older styles on Sale
Inworld: Fatpack only 100L$ / 150L$ / 200L$
single packs only available on MP 35L$ / 50L$ / 65L$

all packages now include pictures


This is how the HUDs look like – note: you have to ‘add’ the HUDs in Order to show them correctly (HaircolorHuds/StyleHuds worn top/left – AccessorieHuds (Beanie etc.) worn bottom/left) On each Hud you will find 2 rows of the same Haircolors the First line is the Basecolor the Second line is the Streakcolor, means you can wear the Hair in 2 Colored version like a darker red as Base and a brighter red as Streaks – you can combine different colorpacks too, like a black as Base and a Red tone as Streaks and so on – If you dont like Streaks and want a solid hair color instead you just have to click the same color on both lines. Same goes for the Duocolor – but in this case you will have Left & Right instead of Base & Streaks, it will work the same but then you just choose colors for left side and for right side of the Hair. – All Demos will include all HUDs in Demo versions so you can test everything before you purchase.


About Materials

First you need to use a viewer that supports materials and then you have to activate the Advanced Lighting Model” (Avatar > Preferences > Graphics : Shader) in order to see them. Also different windlights and settings have different effects and because of that I offer different options that you can change with just one click on the Buttons on top of each HUD, that would be:

[no Materials] – turns them off completely
[High] – High gloss / shine
[Mid] – Mid gloss / shine
[Low] – Low gloss / shine
[Bumps only] – no gloss *no alpha glitch
*even if you dont use materials at all, click this option to prevent those alphaglitches e.g. strange lines on the Hairbases, Lashes, Makeup – when using appliers.

Since the Hair is mod, you are able to tweak materials via edit menu to your liking.

About Mesh

The Hairstyles are temporarily textured with low materials enabled at extraditable state! Please use the included HUD(s) to choose a color for your Hair and change material options if needed!

You need a mesh-enabled viewer to display this hair. More information you will find on:

You can’t see the mesh properly? Go to Advanced mode (no advanced option in the top menu? use ctrl-alt-D), choose Debug Settings, type “RenderVolumeLODFactor” and set it to 4.

Rigged vs. unrigged

If the Hair you purchased is rigged – you cannot resize nor adjust it. There will be different sizes you can choose from what fits best. So always try on demos!

If the Hair you purchased is unrigged – you can resize and adjust it. Wear the Hair and click directly on it to bring up the blue pop up menu box, now you can choose to resize it evenly in all 3 directions or you can shrink, stretch or flatten it via the Buttons that resize just along one axis to make it fit perfectly!


Please note that Rigged Mesh cant be resized or adjusted – Fitted mesh correspond to the volume bones, so it will move with your sliders, it still depends on Mesh attachments like meshbody/parts – I provide free Demos for everything sold at my Store – so pls try the Demos to be 100% sure it Fits perfectly – no Transfer Products are no refundable

Pls always check the Ads – some products are Unrigged Mesh and come with Resizescripts to modify (those scripts are also included in Demos)

Everything except from Demos is [copy] [mod] [no transfer] NOTE: the Hair will still look like its no mod because of the Scripts inside! But they are mod since the Permissions of the Hair itself are mod! (except from demos of course) If your going to change the Hair e.g. other textures, materials, colors or whatever, I recommend to make a copy beforehand, so just in case you mess up something you will be able to step back to the extraditable state.

PLEASE!!! Do not change the Name or the Description of a Product since this will cause broken scripts, every Name or code is needed for the HUDs to work right!