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Contacting me

Please contact me first if you experience any problems with my products. If it is a technical problem and fixable I will do my best to fix it. Also if you have any questions just drop me a Notecard Inworld on Dolphin Ayres (as IMs get capped often) and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

If your inquire is about a product, remember to mention what hairstyle and color pack it’s regarding.




Can I have a refund/trade:
– for an item that I don’t like?
– when i made a mistaken purchase?

Since everything sold at .EscalateD. comes with no transfer permissions, there is sadly no way to return items. But I can still refund any multiple purchases of the same item!

If you purchased one of my products twice, no problem, I’ll refund you for the second payment. All what you have to do is check your transaction-list, and search for both transaction-ID’s, drop me a Notecard Inworld with all information like your avatar-name and both transaction-ID’s. I’ll refund you for the duplicate product as soon as possible.




All of my products are set to “No Transfer”. This means that you can’t transfer them back for a refund or an exchange. All demos are free, so please always try on the demos so that you can be sure you are 100% satisfied with the product before you commit to the purchase. That’s what they are there for. Thank you for your understanding!




If the item you’ve purchased has not been delivered – the first thing you need to check is your “Recent” tab in your inventory. Please DO NOT purchase the same item twice!

Also make sure you are not in ‘Busy’ Mode – most of the Items wont be delivered when your in ‘Busy’ Mode – the Redelivery could be fail too so pls deactivate the ‘Busy’ Mode!

If you can’t find the item there, use the Redelivery Terminal at the Mainstore (Tablet right at the Counter) Just click it and it will leads you to a website where you can click the item you want to be redelivered. Note: This Redelivery Terminal works for both Inworld Mainstore and Marketplace!

Redelivered Gifts will be sendt to the Gift recipient!



Store Credit

If you are a Groupmember of the [.EscalateD.] Inworld Group make sure to wear your Grouptag when shopping at the Inworld Mainstore – because with your Grouptag activated you will earn 5% Storecredit on every purchase you make. You can simply check your Store Credit balance by clicking the ‘Store Credit’ Terminal at the Mainstore (Tablet right at the Counter) – to use your Credit just click the colorpack you want to buy and choose *use Credit* from the blue pop up menu. If you dont have enough Credit you can either collect more Credit by earning while shopping or you can top of your Credit by paying the ‘Store Credit’ Terminal (right click and pay)



Gift a Product

If you want to Gift something from .EscalateD. you can do so by either using the
‘send as Gift’ function on my Marketplace Store or at the Inworld Mainstore – just click on an item you want to Gift and choose *Buy Gift* from the blue pop up menu – then type in the recipient’s name – watch the local chat, if the Person is found you can pay the vendor and the gift will be sent.



Gift Cards

If you want to pass someone an EscalateD Gift Card, go to the Inworld Mainstore and use the ‘Gift Cards’ Terminal (Tablet right at the Counter). Click it and choose *Yes* from the blue pop up then accept and wear the Gift Card you’ve been given (worn as HUD)  a new blue pop up will appear from where you can select an amount to put on the Card – you can now choose from the buttons – 250L$ – 500L$ – 1000L$ – or click the ‘other’ button to type an amount you’d like to put on the card. The minimum amount is L$100. You can now right-click and pay the vendor with the amount you just have choosen to activate the gift card! – Congrats! You’ve activated the Gift Card, and can now remove it and give it to anyone you’d like!

*Please note that the vendor may timeout if you don’t complete the activation fast enough. If that happens, delete the Gift Card you’ve been given and start the process over from the beginning.



Redeem Gift Cards

Wear your EscalateD Gift Card and click the ‘Redeem Giftcard’ Terminal at the Mainstore (Tablet right at the Counter) – it will automatically find your Gift Card (when worn only) and you will see the current amount in the pop up menu – if you now click the ‘Redeem’ button on that menu you will get this amount as Store Credit – watch the local chat – it will tell you that your store credit has been increased. You can now delete this Gift Card and use your Credit at the EscalateD Mainstore. ( just click the colorpack you want to buy and choose *use Credit* from the blue pop up menu )




The Groupy room in the Mainstore is just for the Groupmembers – just make sure that you activate your .EscalateD. Grouptag to get all of this stuff!

Monthly Groupgifts / and or VIP Store Credit

Luckyboards – If your Name starts with the Letter shown on the board – click & win

Midnight Mania – If the Target is reached by Midnight SLT – All who joined win

Groupkey: secondlife:///app/group/52b697b7-a49f-68df-a5a0-0e33fd6aa0c6/about

NOTE: There will be costs to Join this Group – pls always check the current fee!
No refunds! If you leave you’ll have to pay again!




Wondering what i’m wearing in my Ads? Check the Credits
below each pic on this Blog!

see the links to each of those Stores on the right side
(Marketplace and Inworld SURLs)

or visit the ‘shops i like’ wall at the Mainstore




Please note that Rigged Mesh cant be resized or adjusted – I provide free Demos for everything sold at my Store – so pls try the Demos to be 100% sure it Fits perfectly – no Transfer Products are no refundable –

Pls always check the Ads – some products are Unrigged Mesh and come with Resizescripts to modify (those scripts are also included in Demos)



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